Spaciousness & Luxury

I feel like I’ve been basking in luxury all week! It started with a simple intention to embrace more “spaciousness.” To me, that means consciously taking time to separate from the “Go, Go, Go!” of every-day life. Nothing I’ve done so far was complicated or earth-shattering. I

  • Took the bus instead of driving

  • Gave myself 10 extra minutes of journal-time instead of diving into my to-do list

  • Watched my cat go cray-cray over a new mouse toy for a full 15 minutes

  • Baked muffins

  • Sat under a tree and watched the leaves blow

Even though nothing in that list was particularly huge, in each moment of spaciousness I found a spark of appreciation. All of these sparks add up, so in the past few days, I’ve built a lovely fire of appreciation for my life. I feel blessed, amazed, and grateful.

In the spaciousness of every-day life, I found a life of luxury.

If you know that feeling of “Go, Go, Go!” all too well and you’re feeling run-down, burnt-out, or just plain tired, I encourage you to give yourself more space this week. Space to breathe, to observe, to create, to think, or even to simply drink a cup of tea – whatever you need. Even 2 minutes would help. And then? See what feelings come up for you. My guess is you’ll find something luxurious.

With love and muffins,


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