Q: Does the Earth Feel Pain? 🌍?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

A friend asked me this week if Earth feels pain.

I didn't want to just assume an answer without looking, so I stepped into meditation! I tuned into Mama Earth and asked her to show me if she feels pain. She showed me a layer of it — deep below her surface. She showed me images of the pain being caused by humans overcome with pain, fear, and control. She was designed to support us, she showed me. But some people have become so overwhelmed with these 3 lies that it puts a lot of pressure on her to keep the balance.

Being the curious kitten that I am, though, I stayed in meditation — not even remotely satisfied with that being the end of our conversation (Earth and me). I asked her to show me what we can do to help alleviate her from some of her pain. She showed me the vibration of caring.

"Care," she said.

"Care about politics or the way you step on the ground. Care about your neighbor's lost puppy or how you prepare dinner for yourself. Care. And don't just feel it. Do something about it."

That got my playful wheels turning. What if we all did something this month to show Earth we care? What if in just 1 month, we could all help alleviate some of the pain she carries for all of humankind every day. Earth Day is coming up, after all. And I know I've never gotten Mama Earth a present before.

How will you care this week?

In love and kitty-cat-like curiosity,


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