Updated: May 30, 2018

I've gotta admit, I've never been a big fan of the Law of Attraction teachings.

There's something about the "think positive and everything will work out just fine" attitude that brings out my skeptical side and makes me want to fake cough "bull$h*t."

BUT one of my favorite things in life is being able to hear others opinions and learn something new from them (serious learning-fiend over here). Anyway. I was in Barnes and Noble Monday looking for a new book and stumbled upon this: Use The Force: A Jedi's Guide to The Law of Attraction. I instantly knew I had found another opportunity to learn a new perspective on the Law of Attraction and maybe even become some sort of Jedi Master in the process!

I'm giving the Law of Attraction stuff another chance. I'm coming at it with an open mind and even some hope — holding the intention that no matter if I love this book or hate it, I'll let it teach me something new about myself and my life.

So on to the juicy bit! My challenge to you this week is to learn something new. Go seek knowledge from an outside source. Try enrolling in a new class, reading a new book, or having a conversation with someone with totally different beliefs than you. In the process, see if you can learn something new about yourself and your life! I'll be walking the [Jedi] path right beside you.

May the force be with you!


<<- That's is the book I found if you want to get a copy for yourself, by the way. Enjoy!

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