Honesty, Honestly

Updated: Jan 21

Yesterday, I was ridiculously excited to be talking to a friend. When I asked how they were doing, they responded "Ya know, I really want to say I'm doing amazing and match your excitement... but I'm not there. I'm doing okay. But I'm not there."

That was potentially my favorite answer to the simple "How are you doing?" question that I'd received in a really long time because it was honest.

Most of us were taught to retreat in times of need — when things aren't going well. We're taught to isolate. We're taught to shut ourselves off from the world because we think "no one wants to see me like this." We're definitely taught not to talk about it. Not openly, not honestly.

But, in my opinion:

Honesty is the sh*t! [tweet it]

Honesty is the sh*t! It connect us. It breaks the masks we're taught to wear and lets us see the actual human sitting in front of us. Energetically, it sends the message that you are more important than what you were programmed to believe.

So whether you let me know, you answer a friend this week, or you're simply honest with yourself... Honestly, how are you?

In love,


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