Growing on the Inhale

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

One thing I love about what I do is that I get to learn something new – every single day. Every client that comes to me for a healing or spiritual counseling session inspires me. Everyone has their own unique way of healing, way of communicating, way of being that can stop me still in my tracks: full of awe and gratitude.

Just yesterday, I had the honor of helping someone clear energy around a recent life transition and was touched by how clearly their truth came in after clearing out all of the “shoulds” and expectations that were clouding his path. One of the images that kept coming up in that healing was breath. Just... Breathing.

I was reminded how simple it could be to grow. After all, with every inhale, your lungs expand! And with expansion automatically comes growth. I played with going back to basics today in my morning meditation. I just sat and took mindful breaths. Inhales, exhales. It was so simple yet so validating. It reminded me that personal growth doesn’t have to be hard. Growth comes from within. And I already have what I’m looking for.

The same is true for you, love. Your personal growth path doesn’t have to be hard. The potential lives within you – it’s in each breath you take. You’re already growing. Now the only question is – can you slow down for a moment long enough to validate it?



With every breath there is expansion. And with expansion, growth. [tweet it]

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