Diamond Underwear

Updated: May 5, 2018

While reading a book on Law of Attraction [see previous blog post], the author kept mentioning over and over that in order to really use the Law of Attraction to its fullest extent, you need to feel abundant. I repeat: feel abundant! I love this concept, but what does it really mean?

The words are simple enough, but the application – a little more complex. I started thinking: how do you go about feeling abundant and holding onto that feeling? Because, in my experience, feelings are fleeting… I was thinking about how to do this: eyes squinted, face scrunched and tilted to the upper left direction where I get a lot of my thinking done. But then my pondering was interrupted by an email from MeUndies advertising a new underwear pattern: DIAMONDS! My eyes got big, and I said (out loud) “BLING!” I had store credit anyway, so I ordered a pair. The visual of diamonds reminds me of luxury. The super-softness of MeUndies reminds me of comfort. I’ll tell ya, these under-roos haven’t even arrived yet, and I’m already so excited about them. Every time I think about getting/wearing them, I’m stoked! That excitement makes me feel like I can do anything. If I wanted, I feel like I could jet-pack to the moon or magically walk into a casino and win a grand prize lottery! This. This feeling, I decided, is what this guy was talking about. This is “feeling abundant.” So I'm curious. Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever felt like you could do absolutely anything?! If so, what are you doing to re-kindle this feeling in your day-to-day life? If you’ve never felt it before, what are you waiting for?! I challenge you to journal or meditate on what you can do to find that feeling this week. With giddiness, softness, & a new pair of undies, Christina

PS - The butt pictured to the left is not mine. PPS - This blog is in no way promoted by or affiliated with MeUndies. I'm just ridiculously excited to cover my bum with super soft diamonds.


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