Daylight Savings Time: a reminder to take care of yourself

Every spring around these parts, we're asked to turn our clocks forward an hour and switch from standard time back to Daylight Savings time. Every year, I watch people struggle through those first few days where our bodies are still in transition — trying to re-figure out their rhythms with an hour less sleep.

Meanwhile, the world around us has already landed in its new cycle seamlessly! And that just feels unfair, doesn't it? Everything else is running like clockwork, and that makes it seem like we should be able to just spring into action alongside everything else. I think that's an unrealistic ask for our bodies, though, and I'm going to offer an alternate point of view. The rest of the world has adjusted to its new schedule, yes, but your body needs some time. Your body is in transition. Try, instead of rushing it to catch up with the times, listen to what it's asking you for. It could be as simple as

  • Another snooze button press, please!

  • Shifting your normal lunch time

  • A special, because I'm sleepy, latte splurge at your favorite coffee shop

  • Sneaking 20-minutes for a power nap

  • or even just asking for a few minutes of journaling (instead of Netflixing) before bed

Yes, the rest of the world seems to already be firmly landed with this new time shift. Try to be kind to yourself as your body catches up with its missing hour.

With love (and an extra cup of tea), Christina

PS! If you’re in Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any where else that doesn’t believe in Daylight Savings clock changes, your body is probably not in such a freaked out transition. But! A practice of listening to your body is still a nice one. Try it out! See how it goes. And be patient with any mainlanders you might have to talk to for the next few days. Most of us aren't functioning at full capacity yet...


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