Color Intentions

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I’m one of those people who sets an intention every day.

Usually, for my daily intentions, I choose a simple word, phrase, or quote that inspires me or helps me re-focus/re-center when my brain goes off on tangents. Whenever I start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I can look back at my intention and remember what I wanted my day to be about: encouragement, find reasons to celebrate, embrace your inner-Dorito: be bold AND daring, etc.

A few days ago, though, when I tried to find a word or phrase to set for the day, I was at a loss. I kept looping possibilities in my head, but nothing seemed to feel right. Instead of continuing that loop until I drove myself cray-cray, I decided to try something new. What if — instead of picking a word or phrase of the day, I chose a color? Monday was bright green — a mix between spring grass and emerald. It was great! Any time I felt overwhelmed that day (which was a lot, it was a Monday after all), I closed my eyes for a few seconds and imagined a big orb of bright green light out in front of me. Within seconds, I felt re-invigorated and ready to tackle my entire to-do list. So I’d pop the bubble and move on with my day.

It was so fun, I decided to choose a different color for Tuesday. Tuesday was lilac, and that color orb helped me to find more gentleness with myself. Today is hot pink, and every time I look at a hot pink orb of swirling energy, I feel like my passion for life gets renewed.

I’ve been having so much fun with this practice this week, so I just knew I had to share it with you. Plus! It only takes 30 seconds to close your eyes and imagine a color orb out in front of you, so it’s not only an effective mini-meditation, it's practical! I challenge you to try this out for a few days. You can choose a different color every day or just stick with one awesome one that you love. Are you up to it?

If you have as much fun with it as I do, let me know what color(s) you chose & how they made you feel!

In love (and giant puffs of hot pink),



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