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1:1 Healings

Make a Shift

Do you want to make a shift in your life? A healing might be a good fit for you if you're ready to make a change but don't have many specific life questions.

In this session, I'll help you energetically clear anything* keeping you from taking your next step and feeling like yourself again.

You choose your healing intention:

  • Relationships?

  • Money or career issues?

  • Persistent family drama?

  • Just feeling blech?

Whatever you intention you choose, it's out with the old, and in with the new! 

Professional Healings

30 minutes, $60
60 minutes, $100
90 minutes, $150

1:1 Readings

Get Your Clarity Back

Big shifts already happening in your life? Need a little help navigating the waters? Freaked out or just plain feeling stuck? 

Bring your life questions to this session, and I'll help you find clarity on anything you toss out. I'll ask your soul to show me your answers, and we'll wash, rinse, repeat until you have your clarity back. It's like a conversation with your soul!

So! If you need some spiritual info on how to heal from a past trauma, help on making a difficult decision, or guidance on how to achieve your future dreams, This is the session type for you.

Professional Readings

30 minutes, $60
60 minutes, $100
90 minutes, $150

Spiritual Counseling (balancing rocks) -

Spiritual Counseling & 1:1 Meditation/Life Coaching

Noticing a recurring pattern in your life that you want to shift? Healing from past traumas or abuse? Ingrained patterns and traumatic memories can take time to heal. 

This service is an initial consultation to talk about a long-term spiritual counseling relationship. In this 30 minutes, we'll talk about your healing goals, your history with counseling/coaching, what your ideal working relationship is, and if we'd be a good fit for each other.

If not, there's no hard feelings. I want you to find the kind of help that supports you, even if that's not with me.

Initial Consultation

30 minutes, FREE


“Waw this was a beautiful experience, Christina has offered something very new to me that felt very right and good. It has helped me to get a lot more clarity and validate a lot of feelings I had but doubted! I am grateful for this beautiful opportunity <3”

— Stècie, Montreal, QC


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