I believe in choice.  
I believe you create your own destiny with every step you take. Through these steps, you define your own fate. 
I believe our past does not define us.
Yes, your past was painful. But that doesn't mean you have to define yourself by that pain.  You are not your traumas. You are so much more and so much more capable than your past would have you believe. 
I believe in healing as a process.
Every time you check in with your soul, you open yourself up to answers. With those answers, sometimes come even more questions – more opportunities to learn about yourself & your truth. There are always deeper levels of healing to explore. Always more to discover. Always more you to love.
I believe your answers are inside you.
All my offerings are designed to help you find your own truth. They help you get clarity on your life and empower you to create a future that’s as unique (and brilliant) as you. That's a process that starts from the inside out. 
I believe in smiling whenever it feels authentic.
Life doesn't have to be so serious. Your soul is a little ball of infinite light. When's the last time you let it play?


I'm stoked you stopped by. ​
My name is Christina Dunlap, I'm a spiritual counselor & meditation coach working through the Boulder Psychic Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Whether you're here to book a session with me or just gain a little spiritual insight, you came to the right place!
I look forward to getting to know you.





Rev. Christina Dunlap
Boulder Psychic Institute

1332  Pearl Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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